Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saviors Day 2014! Thank You

Thank You for Joining Us At Saviors Day 2014!

"We are going to keep working hard!" Imam W. Deen Mohammed

The Mosque Cares truly appreciates all of you, our loyal supporters and many guests that attended this year's Saviors Day helping make it one of our "best celebrations yet."  


Believers from across the country joined us to commemorate Saviors Day. This Historic Event, established by Imam W. Deen Mohammed preserves his Legacy, Vision, and Leadership. 


Imam Mohammed laid a firm foundation for us to build our future Community life, and we appreciate your renewed Commitment to support his Mission and Ministry for Social and Economic Justice for all people. 


We thank you for your support of this worthy cause, and we pray The Merciful Allah continues to bless and guide our Community always.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Jumuah Mubarak! Join Us At The Mosque Cares Today.

With Allah's Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer
The Mosque Cares 
Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed
PO Box 1061, Calumet City, IL  60409
Jumuah will be held at The Mosque Cares Building
929 West 171st Street
East Hazel Crest, IL  60429
Jumuah Khatib
Imam AbdulMajid Karim Hasan
Resident Imam of the 
Abdul Majid Karim Hasan Islamic Center
Hamden, CT

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Mosque Cares Attends The City of Chicago Interfaith and Leadership Breakfast hosted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel

February 19, 2014, Chicago

Faith-based organizations can provide a constant source of inspiration, and play a vital role in our communities.  The critical services provided allow us to work together in serving those in need. 

Insha Allah we will create and continue long lasting sacred life connections that spur inventive collaborations and partnerships that benefit People, Community, Humanity.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Profile of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Imam W. Deen Mohammed (aka Wallace D. Mohammed) was born Oct. 30, 1933, to The Honorable Elijah and Sister Clara Muhammad in Hamtramck (Detroit), Mich.  Imam W. Deen Mohammed, leader of the largest community of Muslims in the United States of America passed on September 9, 2008.  We pray that his work continues to grow and serve humanity as he would have desired it to, through all of us who have benefited so greatly from his teachings.  Ameen

Imam Mohammed’s astute leadership, profound social commentary on major issues, piercing scriptural insight into the Bible, Torah and Qur’an and his unique ability to apply scriptural interpretation to social issues have brought him numerous awards and high honors.  He is a man of vision who has performed many historical ‘firsts’.

Imam Mohammed is the founder of The Mosque Cares (Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed) // (WDM Ministry).

Achievements of Imam Mohammed include:
1988 — Representing Muslims at the World Parliament of Religious Leaders for the Survival of the Earth.
1992 — Imam Mohammed delivered an invocation on the floor of the U.S. Senate (the first given by a Muslim).
1992 — Imam Mohammed delivered the first address by a Muslim on the floor of the Georgia State Legislature (the state of his father’s birth).
1993 - Imam Mohammed participated in the inaugural Interfaith Prayer Service of President Bill Clinton.
1995 — Selected as president of the World Conference on Religion and Peace.
1995 — Attended “Acts of Kindness Week” along with Martin Luther King III and Rosa Parks in Dallas.
1995 — Addressed the Governing Board of the World Conference on Religion and Peace in Copenhagen, Denmark.
1995 — Delivered the keynote address at the Muslim-Jewish Convocation in Glencoe, Ill. ‐ the first serious public dialogue between top leaders of Islam and Reform Judaism.
1996 — Established the Collective Purchase Conference (CPC)
1996 - Imam Mohammed met Pope John Paul, II, at the Vatican, at the invitation of Archbishop William Cardinal Keeler and the Focolare Movement. He met with the Pope again, on October 28, 1999, on the “eve of the New Millennium” in St. Peter’s Basilica with many other world-religious leaders. 
1997 — attended the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Teheran, Iran.
1997 - the Focolare Movement presented him with the “Luminosa Award”, for promoting Interfaith Dialogue, peace, and understanding in the U.S.
1998 — Addressed the Indiana House of Representatives and delivered the invocation for the Indiana Senate. Invited by Sen. Glenn Howard. Gov. Frank O’Bannon acknowledged Imam Mohammed as an “Honorary Hoosier.”
1999 - Imam Mohammed served on the Advisory Panel for Religious Freedom Abroad, formed by Secretary of State Madeline Albright. He assisted in promoting religious freedom in the United States and Abroad.
1999 — Participated in the Conference on Religion and Peace hosted by the Center for Christian and Jewish Understanding.
1999 — Participated in the World Conference on Religion and Peace-Assembly VII in Amman, Jordan. He was elected international president.
2000 — Imam Mohammed was appointed to the Executive Committee of Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP).
2000 - The Focolare Movement and the American Society of Muslims hold an interfaith program in Washington, D.C.
2001 — Sept. 11: Imam Mohammed, in the strongest terms denounced the terrorist attacks on the United States as un-Islamic and evil.
2002 — Imam Mohammed was inducted as a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Board of Preachers at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Imam Mohammed was honored with his portrait in the International Chapel of Morehouse University.
2005 - Imam Mohammed sent a delegation of Imams to a Muslim-Christian in Dialogue First Symposium given by the Catholic based Focolare Movement. The focus was, “Who is G-d for us? “ This program occurred after the recent inauguration of Pope Benedict XVI.
2005 - Imam Mohammed participated in a program that featured, “A Conversation with Imam W. Deen Mohammed and Cardinal George of the Catholic Archdiocese."

There are many more accolades, achievements and accomplishments made by Imam W. Deen Mohammed that dignify African American Muslims as well as all Muslims in North America. His honorary doctorates, mayoral, and gubernatorial proclamations give testament to his recognized voice, and the benefit of his leadership to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. He was appointed to the World Supreme Council of Mosques because of the value of his work and leadership in America. 

Imam W. Deen Mohammed is the foremost leader of Muslims throughout America and in many other parts of the world.  He is known for his depth in thinking, insight and faith.  His perspectives are clearly Qur'anic based with applications that cut across scriptural, religious, political, cultural and ethnic lines.  he is at the forefront of interfaith dialogue and cooperation.  He is leading the call towards human excellence.

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Counting Down! #SaviorsDay 2014

Join us for Eid Al-Fitr

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