Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day

Americans across the land will gather in unity to remember all who have made sacrifices in service to our country.  This Memorial Day, we thank all Believers in Uniform for the tremendous contributions they have made to community and country.  We are deeply honored and recognize you and your families' selfless service, both seen and unseen. 


Imam W. Deen Mohammed said, "everything that happens in human life, as designed by our Creator, has a sign for our intelligence, for our mind to read. And everything carries both knowledge and mercy."  


Honoring those who served isn't just about Memorial Day, it's about all of us serving humanity in some capacity each and every day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ramadan Announcement

As Salaamu Alaikum, the moon is not sighted, tonight, therefore Taraweeh prayers will begin tomorrow Wednesday, May 16th immediately after salaatul Isha; fasting begins Thursday, May 17th Insha Allah. #RamadanwithMIWDM

Friday, April 13, 2018

33 Day Countdown To Ramadan

Join The Mosque Cares as we count down to Ramadan which is projected to begin May 15th. Quotes by Imam W Deen Mohammed:

1 Day
Praise be to Allah, who has revealed the message complete, as a healing for that which is in our hearts, and has given us Muhammad (pbuh) as the most excellent example. We pray that G-d bestows upon him forever, the blessings He promised to him.  Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem, your community is one united community, and Allah says, He is our Lord, so we should worship Him only.”

2 Days
Dear Muslims, be happy to be Muslim and be happy with your situation as Muslims. You must improve your condition as Muslims all the time. Work to keep your virtues growing in better form. Work to keep your sensitivities and intelligence healthy. When the intelligence gets sick, the whole person is sick. Work for excellence. This religion motivates us towards excellence. Allah motivates us towards excellence with the Qur’an from the first page to the last.”

3 Days
If Allah revealed His Words as guidance for us in time gone by, when the world was not so complex and not so technical and not so perplexing as it is today, then we must understand that now in the critical time and in the time of plenty we have to rely even more strictly on the Guidance of Allah.”

4 Days
None of us should be small minded. Allah has given us the message of a comprehensive religion to make us wiser as we live, to make us have bigger aspirations as we live, to make our vision grow as we live, and to make our appetite grow as we live. No Muslim is supposed to still be wanting today what he wanted ten years ago. His appetite should have grown at least two years, ten years or twenty years bigger.”

5 Days
As Muslims, we have to keep the light of Islam before us at all times. If we fail to keep the light of Islam before us, then we will only be wearing the name Muslim, but we will not be Muslims indeed. In the Quran is guidance for all affairs. In the Quran are solutions for all problems. The Quran is the perfect book, the perfect guide. It says in the Holy Quran ‘in this book there is no doubt.’”

6 Days
Qur’an enlightenment brings us to understand that every race and every person was created on the pattern of a full complete human; that is to say that we all have this excellence in us as our potential and as a property of our creation. It is clearly given in the Qur’an that Allah made noble every son of Adam.  Noble means giving respect and being worthy of honor. Noble implies the best bred and the best blood. Noble also means that not only is that person worthy of honor, but that person is one that gives due respect and honor to things deserving of that.”

7 Days
We are Muslims. A Muslim is one who believes in obedience to Allah which results in intelligent behavior and inward peace. A Muslim is one who believes in coming to a state of peace by submitting first of all to the Lord Creator of the Heavens and Earth. A Muslim is one who follows the disciplines of his religion. This person becomes a Muslim and accepts to be a person who favors peace.”

8 Days
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) established the Ummah of Al-Islam, the community of Al-Islam, so Muslims will be a witness, an example to the societies of the world that G-d has fulfilled His promise. He has completed His favor on us and has perfected for us our religion and chosen for us Al-Islam.”

9 Days
“For Muslims good conscience begins with regard for Allah. We must first be conscious of Allah and be regardful of Allah.”

10 Days
Allah has not left us with just insights regarding human tendencies. Allah has also given us the Guidance, the Qur'an. “This is the Book, in it is no defects and it is guidance for the regardful.” The Qur’an is good guidance for the people of good conscience.”

11 Days
We have in Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) the most excellent model of conduct.”

12 Days
When Almighty God revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) according to the history that was collected scientifically or by a scientific method, he was forty years old. The Quran says of him, “I have lived a lifetime among you.” A man forty years old has already lived a lifetime among his people. So here was a man who had already lived a lifetime among his people and G-d chose him to be the leader for all people; to be His last messenger, prophet to the world. G-d chose him not because he was suffering or because he was pitiful, but because he was right for that position. The man was upright in his morals and upright in his mind. He was not weighted down by the ignorance of primitive society.”

13 Days
The Holy Quran says that Allah’s blessings are without number. He blesses us and we cannot count His blessings no matter how much we desire to count them. The Muslim life is a full life, a balanced life, and a life that accepts the challenge that G-d has given to us. That challenge is to live in this world and not to live outside of the world. When we fast, remember that we are not trying to discover a mystery, but we are trying to better deal with the things that are already revealed. If we do this, we will be successful.”

14 Days
Muslims are not spiritualists, we are human beings. Spiritualists seek to develop the spiritual nature or the spiritual form, but they forget about the human development and material development. We are not trying to see something that is not already seen when we fast. The heavens and the earth have already been revealed. We see stars in the sky, we see the sun, we see ourselves, and we see many of the manifestations of Almighty Allah. The Holy Quran says that Allah is both the apparent and the hidden. We do not have to worry about the hidden things in creation, we believe in the apparent things. We trust that Allah will reveal whatever is necessary for mankind and we trust that He will also give us what He has promised us. That promise is life in this world and life in the Hereafter.”

15 Days
The idea of oneness or unity:  if we can say that our religion, the religion of the Qur'an, which is the last revealed Book, is unique or special among all the other religions, I think first we have to point to the idea of unity and oneness in our religion for that distinction. In our religion we say, “G-d is One” and that is it. The G-d that we say is One is the G-d that everyone accepts as One. It is the G-d that the Jews accept as One. Allah is the G-d that the Christians accept as One. The G-d that we accept as One is given in our Holy Book as “the Creator of everything.” Everything we have, Allah created.”

16 Days
We believe in the Oneness of Allah, and that Oneness cannot be compromised. There is no compromising the Oneness of G-d for Muslims. “Say, Allah is One Alone.”  Allah is eternal, all the time existing. We cannot go back in time to find His beginning, and we cannot go forward to find His end. But He is not only eternally existing, also everything that is existing has its tie to Him and cannot exist without Him.”

17 Days
Congregation means coming together, holding together. He could have used another word, which would make you want to think of comparing yourself to some other community. But He said, "And you are the best Community  evolved for the good of all people.”  We want to strive for community life, and we want to have our community life in the way that G-d guides us to have it and to have that community life welcome all people.”

18 Days
When you love something, you hold it very dear to you. When you cherish it enough, you don’t want to just hear it and let it pass by, you want to keep it. And the way you keep it is to deposit it in your heart. If the heart is good, and you really love and appreciate what is given to you, the heart cherishes it. If the desire is strong enough, we can commit to memory the whole Quran. Many Muslims have committed the whole Quran to memory, from Al-Fatiha to Al-Nass; from the beginning to the end. Those who love the Quran are not satisfied just to hear it, they want to cherish it, they want it in their hearts, they want it in their memory.”

19 Days
Remember, the Ramadan fast is not just a fast of physical food, it is a fast of the whole human body (whole human being). It is not just a fast for spiritual benefit, it is a fast for the benefit of the total person:  physically, spiritually, mentally.”

20 Days
Fasting, or abstaining from food and drink, is easy if you keep your mind on something that is worthwhile. During Ramadan, the Muslim keeps his mind or her mind on things that are valuable, important, good, and clean.  If you don’t keep your mind on Allah and on the higher values of life, fasting will be hard for you. If you keep your mind on Allah, on the higher values of life, and read the Holy Quran, fasting will not be that difficult for you.”

21 Days
“Our faith is firstly in G-d, Who created everything and made possible all goodness and all good things. Secondly, our faith is in man. When we say that we witness that Muhammed is the Messenger of G-d and the Last Prophet, we are saying that we have faith in G-d and in man. G-d requires that we not only have faith in G-d, but that we have faith also in man.  So it is not good just to believe. We are to look at Muhammed the Prophet (pbuh) and see him in his personal life as a human being and in his life as a prophet.”

22 Days
If you fast simply because Allah said fast in this month of Ramadan, then you have already received blessings in this month.  G-d says “In this month are blessings." If you have been conscious that this month is for G-d and even if you can’t fast but have the desire, your desire is rewarded.  G-d told Muhammed (pbuh) to tell us that matters are judged by intentions. If your intentions were to fast though you couldn’t, you get the reward just as though you fasted.”

23 Days
“G-d is the bigger over all that is big. Praise and thanks deserve to be given to Him much. He approved His Servant, made him legit for all the worlds. His Servant spoke the truth. It is telling us that G-d made him ‘the truthful’ before He called him to be Messenger of G-d.”

24 Days
G-d is the One Who gives guidance for success on this earth, and if we go against His guidance we will never have success. In the Qur'an, it is said “You are the One Who has directed us to our paths." It is not one path but many paths. The path of science. The path of government. The path of culture. And then the science is broken up into many paths. The word is used in its plural, meaning “our paths” - not one, but many.”

25 Days
“G’d says of us “You are the best community” and G’d has addressed us also as a people. He says “Be a people established for justice." He is addressing us as a people, a people united, a people sharing the same life, and a people sharing the same community, a people sharing the same responsibility, a people motivated by the same motivation to worship G’d, to follow Muhammed the Prophet (PBUH).”

26 Days
“Our prayer is also a form of education, in fact it is the highest and the best form of education. From it will come the inspiration, the incentive and the direction in which to go in pursuit of all the useful knowledge in creation. This is because if you pray, you must use the Qur'an. I can’t pray and not use the Qur'an. And this is the Book of Light; it is the Book of Enlightenment. So while I am praying, I am also being taught. I am being educated.”

27 Days
“Muslim is one who believes in giving his whole self to Allah. “Surely I have turned my whole self to You, Oh Allah.”  You have to give your whole self, give of your material wealth, give of your knowledge, give of your sentiments.  Let the community share your sentiments. Let us feel the love that is in your heart. Let us feel the goodness that is in your nature. Let us feel the charity that is in your nature. Let us feel it from your heart, from your mind, from your total being. This is a Muslim.”

28 Days
“Fasting is prescribed for us mainly to bring us closer to G-d. In fact, everything that we practice in Islam is to bring us closer to G-d.  But fasting also is to open up our hearts to give in charity. So, fasting comes to really support zakat. G-d says give in charity. Fasting is going to help us to be prepared to give in charity more, by teaching us to love fasting and to fast for G-d.”

29 Days
We have a community obligation, to hold on to the Qur'an, the word of G’d; to hold on to Muhammad the Prophet, the last and universal liberator from G’d, to hold on to him and his pattern of life, his Sunnah.  We have an obligation to hold on to that, and we have an obligation to hold on to each other, for G’d has extended His help, that we may be united. United against the forces of Satan, and Satan’s schemes and devices.”

30 Days
G’d has required of the Muslims, that they be active, that they take the initiative, that we not be idle, that we not be lazy, that we not be selfish, and not go on our own and leave a great percentage of the Muslim world stagnant; that we all go forward together.  Praise be to Allah, who has revealed the message complete, as a healing for that which is in our hearts, and has given us Muhammad (pbuh) as the most excellent example.”

31 Days
Our religion is the Qu'ran itself, the universal Book of all Muslims, whether they are black, brown, yellow, red, or some other color, or whether they belong to this nation or that nation of the Continent of Europe or of the Continent of Africa or some other Continent.”

32 Days
Quran is from the Arabic root word which means to read.  Quran means the book that is revealed for you to read, to recite, and to follow. This is the only book that is in the hands of people today,  that is a book given by G’d for us to read, to recite, and to follow.”

33 Days
We live in America and have citizenship here. You do not want to separate yourself from your great dignity past, present, and future. I am a member of one billion Muslims. They will ask, “What is your name?” Tell them, “Muslim. ” Do not let this world intimidate you and make you feel small or awkward. If you want to know what geography I am in, America, U.S. If you want to know what center I attend or what ethnic group I will have no problem saying, African-American. What religion? Al-Islam.”

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Community Meetup Today!

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect at the First Sunday Community Program

- Quranic Arabic Class
- Business & Technology Class
- Education Initiative Update
- Guest Presenter ABDUL-Rasheed Akbar
- New Africa Marketplace
- Refreshments and Meals will be available

April First Sunday at TMC
929 West 171st Street
East Hazel Crest, IL 60429

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Happy Saviors Day!

New Orleans, LA - February 24, 2018

As Salaam Alaikum,
Dear Savior's Day attendees and supporters:

Imam W. Deen Mohammed said, "Savior's Day is meant to be a day of remembrance and celebration."   Alhumdullilah, we had an amazing event in New Orleans, LA this weekend! We thank you all for the connection, information sharing, memories created, and community experience. The Mosque Cares | Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohamed truly appreciates all of you, our loyal supporters and many guests who attended this year's Savior's Day, helping make it one of our best celebrations yet.  Believers EVERYWHERE joined us to commemorate Saviors Day 2018. This Historic Event, reestablished by Imam W. Deen Mohammed preserves his Vision, Legacy and Leadership. We appreciate your renewed commitment to support his Mission and Ministry for Building Bridges For Peace and Justice for all people.  We thank you for your support of this worthy cause, and pray Allah continues to bless and guide our Community always.  Feel free to browse through the Savior's Day 2018 photo album and Program video.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Service

Today we we reflect on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by participating in the #MLK National Day of Service.

As you know MANY families live in areas where lack of business leads to them paying twice as much for necessities including diapers.  They don’t have the opportunity to purchase online, comparison or discount shop which leads to increased costs of household goods, including those critical to their children’s health and well-being.  This is bad for parents and babies alike. We have joined the #DiaperGap program and here’s how you can support The Mosque Cares charity work.  

Donate directly to TMC • TMC-MLKDayofSvc-Donation

Donate directly to the diaper program; we are able to purchase diapers at a much lower cost and distribute to those in need •   TMC Diaper Gap Donation

You may also make a donation to support initiatives, projects and programs of The Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed by visiting


Monday, January 1, 2018


 • FREE & OPEN to the public - this is an informal, educational, community health and wellness event where we can interact, listen, learn and ask questions, spread the word and please join us! 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Week of Upliftment

On Tuesday of this week The Mosque Cares launched the second annual IMAM W DEEN MOHAMMED WEEK OF UPLIFTMENT. For the last seven days of the year, we invite you to join us in choosing favorite lectures by Imam W Deen Mohammed from your/our personal libraries and listening to one or more each day, preferably with family, friends and loved ones with the hope of encouraging positive discussion after.

This is an initiative that we hope to continue next year and in the future. Some of us listen to Imam W. Deen Mohammed every day, but we believe this is a unifying effort for us, Followers and Students of Imam Mohammed. 

The main focus of this week is to enjoy the benefits of a lecture a day whether at home, the office or in the car. This is a perfect opportunity to brighten some of the doldrums that may come along this time of year. As believers we know that Allah's mercy is greatest on our collective efforts. Don't forget to check in on neighbors and Believers who may be less fortunate or could use your help. May Allah bless us all with a happy and progressive New Year. Ameen

Memorial Day

Americans across the land will gather in unity to remember all who have made sacrifices in service to our country.   This Memorial Day, we t...