Friday, March 3, 2017

April 2nd - Interfaith Against Hunger Event - Register Today

Join Muslims Against Hunger, The Mosque Cares and B'nai Yehuda Beth Sholom as we spend the afternoon in an Interfaith effort to prepare meals to feed our Seniors (Pioneers), those in Need and the Homeless! 

Join Muslims Against Hunger; WDM Ministry • The Mosque Cares and B'nai Yehuda Beth Sholom as we spend the afternoon in an Interfaith effort to prepare meals to feed our Seniors (Pioneers), Those In Need and the Homeless.  We welcome you, your family and friends as we work together to make the meal packages which will be delivered to those in need.  We need volunteers to help prepare meals packages.

ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST REGISTER! Registration will close by March 31st, 2017.
Register Here


Date:  Sunday April 2, 2017
Time:  Doors open at 12:00 PM CT | Event Starts: 2:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Event Address: TMC - 929 West 171st Street, East Hazel Crest, IL  60429
Contact us:

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


"Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was sent down as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment so that mankind will distinguish from right and wrong." [2:183]


The last 10 days of Ramadan will not coincide with the New Medina Retreat so the Ramadan Session will not be held at New Medina this year.  Imam W. Deen Mohammed's Ramadan Session will be held June 16-18, 2017 at The Mosque Cares • 929 West 171st Street, East Hazel Crest, IL 60429.  Imam's desiring to participate should contact us with your topic of interest. Please do not delay as it is a first come basis. If you have never presented before The Community of Imam W Deen Mohammed would love to hear from you.

Friday, February 24, 2017

This Saviors Day Weekend

The Community of Imam W Deen Mohammed and those associated with the Legacy of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad are celebrating Saviors Day this weekend in Chicago.

Join The Ministry of Imam W Deen Mohammed for Jumuah today and stay for a shared meal. Doors open at noon. Location is The Mosque Cares Building at 929 West 171st Street, East Hazel Crest, IL 60429.

Tomorrow we commemorate Saviors Day at the Chicago Midway Marriott. Get Program Details, your Tickets, secure Vending Space and Donate online:

Sunday we are back at at The Mosque Cares Building which culminates in a Day of Service, CRAID reunion and farewells to those of us who traveled.

Donate by mail, check payable: WDM Ministry, PO Box 1061, Calumet City, IL 60409

Happy Saviors Day to all of our Brothers and Sisters and special thank you and duas for our Muslim Pioneers.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Saviors Day This Weekend

As Salaam Alaikum,
Dear Imams, Business Persons & Community of Believers:

We invite you to come together as we celebrate a very special time on a very special occasion • Saviors Day 2017 Commemoration “Reflecting on Our Past to Establish a Future Life” which takes place February 25, 2017 at the Chicago Marriott Midway Airport located at 6520 S. Cicero, Chicago, IL.  Doors open at 11:00 AM.  The Saviors Day Program [$25] begins at 1:00 PM and the Hadid Award Banquet [$75] starts at 6:00 PM.  New Africa Marketplace will be open 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM; Vendors secure your space for $75 which covers a table, 2 chairs and all day access.

The Mosque Cares [Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed] extends our personal regards and open invitation as we welcome your support and participation in commemorating our history and building our future. We are appealing to you to renew your commitment to Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s Legacy, Mission and Vision by purchasing tickets for Saviors Day and tickets to The Annual Hadid (IRON) Banquet.  

As part of our mission, The Mosque Cares is committed to helping establish a balanced community life, witnessing the eternal wisdom of the words of G-d and the life exemplified by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).  Part of what balances our life is our established history and traditions.  Based on the precedent set by The Honorable Elijah Mohammed, Imam W. Deen Mohammed charted the Saviors Day course for us, by sharing with us the richness, significance and purpose of our Saviors Day Celebration.  On one occasion, he stated: “We observe Saviors Day to stay in touch with The Best of our LIFE. The Best of our History…For our History is more important that what happens any single day…We want to recall this history! We want to yearly have this occasion to recall our Best Life!”   In addition, he provided a clear structure on what Saviors Day should be about! “Saviors Day should be a day to focus on our history, but not for the sake of just recalling history, but also to benefit from the best of our past history, as we make history, that is what it should be about!”  All of what Imam Mohammed provided to us as inspiration will be part of our Saviors Day 2017.  

Your support is needed.  We encourage that you don’t delay and purchase tickets for you and your family now.  You are also able to donate and sponsor registrations for others.
● ONLINE: where you are able to purchase and print your tickets.
● BY MAIL: WDM Ministry Special Events ● PO Box 153, Matteson, IL  60443.
● BY PHONE:  708-679-1587

Other weekend events held at The Mosque Cares Building • 929 W. 171st Street, East Hazel Crest, IL

Fri Feb. 24: Jumuah (Khateeb, Imam Alfred Muhammad)

Sun Feb 26:  Day of Service – Sunday Feb 26th from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

2017 February First Sunday Highlights

February 5, 2017 - The Mosque Cares hosted the First Sunday Community Program; highlights include:

- Imam Dawud Yemani presented Reflections on Saviors Day 1968-2017
- Imam Warithudeen Mohammed II discussed The Your Products Program distributor request for a new and exciting product.  G-d willing, Your Products will be able to make a low cost/large purchase which will allow us to work with community entrepreneurs and small business in this community development strategy. The Your Products program starts with our community’s unique position and provides a venue to find and foster entrepreneurs. 
- Br. Rod Bashir discussed civic engagement and his political campaign.
- Br. Abdul-Rasheed Akbar spoke about important topics pertaining to opening and running a successful business.
- Imam Agin Muhammad hosted Quranic Arabic class.



Monday, January 30, 2017

Sign Up Deadline - Affordable Care Act

TOMORROW January 31st, is the deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.  Apply or renew your Marketplace coverage online or by phone 800-318-2596. TTY users dial 855-889-4325.  To find in-person assistance in your area, visit


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This Friday • Jumuah and Working Against Hunger Workshop


10:00 - 10:15 - Light Breakfast
10:15 - 10:25 - Introductions
10:25 - 10:30 - Zamir Hassan summarizes workshop goals
10:30 - 11:00 - Warithudeen Mohammed II presents TMC community engagement
11:00 - 11:15 - Brian Zakem presents Metro Chicago Jewish community engagement
11:15 - 11:30 - Falak Z Ghatala presents Muslims Against Hunger, Faiths Against Hunger, Hunger Van, history, background, and current activities
11:30 - 12:00 - Abu Bakr Sakhu presents People helping people in need - Bundle Services with Community Cafe
12:00 - 12:15 - Q&A
12:45 - 1:45 - Jummah Prayer (Khateeb Imam Elam Muhammad)
1:45 - Lunch
2:00 - 3:00 - Closed session next steps discussion between Muslims Against Hunger and The Mosque Cares

Thursday, January 19, 2017

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama


See response to our open Letter To President Obama from the Ministry of Imam W Deen Mohammed - The Mosque Cares

The Honorable Barack Obama
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

As you move to the next chapter of your life, The Mosque Cares - Ministry of Imam W Deen Mohammed sends special thanks and appreciation for your service to the United States and the Global Community. Your Presidency is the greatest thing to happen to us, as a Nation.  In 2008, my father, Imam W Deen Mohammed stated “I strongly believe that he (Senator Barack Obama) will become the President.  His success has already sent signals to our spirits, our sentiments, and that will make for a new spirit in Black America.” Throughout the past eight years, your continuous leadership, work and dedication for the common good is evident in your numerous accomplishments which include:

- After 100 years of talk and failed efforts, health care reform is a reality.
- The U.S. has done more to combat climate change than ever before for example, carbon emissions have decreased 9 percent. 
American leadership has been refocused and reaffirmed in the world, recognizing our strength derives from our values and the depth and breadth of our global partnerships.
- The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act spurred economic growth amid the greatest recession since the Great Depression. 
Race to the Top competitive grants encourage and reward states for education reform.
- There has been increased focus of support for our Veterans.
National Service expanded and is encouraged via the Serve America Act.
- The Claims Resolution Act benefits African American farmers discriminated against by the U.S. Department of Agriculture when applying for loans and assistants to start and maintain farms.

We end this letter quoting you, “We the People, recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights; that our destinies are bound together; that a freedom which only asks what's in it for me, a freedom without a commitment to others, a freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism, is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who died in their defense.”

We pray G’d continues to bless our country and all of our good works.

Imam Warithudeen Mohammed II

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Honoring Dr Martin Luther King Jr

"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Imam W. Deen Mohammed said "G-d created people to be a community and it is only in community where you get your full freedom to live out your capacity or your ability as a human being.”  

Americans from all walks of life plan to come together for a day of service carrying on traditions of our pioneers and paying it forward.  Today and everyday, commit to helping, working, volunteering, donating toward the betterment of mankind. #MLKDAY

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Join Us at TMC For Brunch January 1st

Join us at TMC this morning; brunch program begins at 11:00 AM: 929 West 171st Street, East Hazel Crest, IL 60429


Saturday, December 31, 2016

TMC NEEDS YOUR Support - Consider Donating Today!

We hope you agree with these words of our Leader and Founder, Imam W Deen Mohammed - "I think the focus always for me is the best life we can possibly have on this earth, recognizing that we didn't create it, that there is a Creator over us. In the New Year, I will be addressing taking a bigger share of personal responsibility, and that we should feel the guilt for the conditions in the life of our people. If we are not conscious and we neglect these things and it doesn't touch our hearts and minds, that is neglect. It is a sin to be unconscious."

The Mosque Cares - Ministry of Imam W Deen Mohammed plans on continuing our current programs and projects PLUS rolling out new community building partnerships and initiatives which will be announced early 2017.

BECOME A HELPER / ANSAR and set up worry-free, recurring donations. Visit our website daily and see your money at work.

We thank all of you, our supporters in the way of Allah. Our activities would not be successful without your consistent participation, support, donations and duas for our work and organization.

Thank you and may Allah bless us all with a happy and progressive New Year.


Imam W Deen Mohammed "Week Of Upliftment"


On Monday of this week The Mosque Cares launched the IMAM W DEEN MOHAMMED WEEK OF UPLIFTMENT. For the last seven days of the year, we invite you to join us in choosing favorite lectures by Imam W Deen Mohammed from your/our personal libraries and listening to one or more each day, preferably with family, friends and loved ones with the hope of encouraging positive discussion after.

This is a new initiative that we hope to continue next year and in the future. Some of us listen to Imam W. Deen Mohammed every day, but we believe this is a unifying effort for us, Followers and Students of Imam Mohammed. 

The main focus of this week is to enjoy the benefits of a lecture a day whether at home, the office or in the car. This is a perfect opportunity to brighten some of the doldrums that may come along this time of year. As believers we know that Allah's mercy is greatest on our collective efforts. Don't forget to check in on neighbors and Believers who may be less fortunate or could use your help. May Allah bless us all with a happy and progressive New Year. Ameen 

Here are a few of our favorite lectures by Imam W Deen Mohammed:

E84 - Liberating the Community

E92 - The Spirit of Black America

E105 - The Time For The Destiny Of The Common Good

E99 - Religion and Business

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reflecting on Our Past to Establish a Future Life

Join The Mosque Cares in keeping the legacy of Imam W Deen Mohammed alive.  Meet, greet and hear from members amongst our national and international leadership and Pioneer Men and Women of our Muslim Ummah at Saviors Day 2017 "Reflecting on Our Past to Establish a Future Life."

Make Niyyah by sending in your money to purchase tickets today.
  • Online:
  • Call:  708-679-1587
  • Email:
  • Mail check payable: WDM Ministry Special Events, PO Box 153, Matteson, IL 60443
How else can you support Saviors Day?
  • Sell tickets
  • Organize transportation to the event from your local area
  • Work with your your Masjid, Islamic Center, School, Coworkers, Business, etc. to purchase a table for the Annual Hadid Awards Banquet
  • Spread the word
All proceeds from this event go directly toward continuous work to promote and maintain Imam W. Deen Mohammed's legacy and national Dawah efforts of The Mosque Cares.

With Your Support

With your support, The Mosque Cares is working diligently to continue programs established by Imam W Deen Mohammed and roll out and promote initiatives focused on building model communities.  Your contribution is important now more than ever.

Make your tax deductible donation online: click here
By mail: WDM Ministry, PO Box 1061, Calumet City, IL 60409

2016 December First Sunday Community Roundtable

VIEW PROGRAM PHOTOS:  TMCPartnersAgainstHunger

Food insecurity is a problem in the United States. Statistics show that 1 in 6 people face hunger every day. The USDA defines "food insecurity" as the lack of access, at times, to enough food for all household members. While there is no shortage of food, this issue impacts every county in our country.

The Mosque Cares plans to collaborate with Muslims Against Hunger and the interfaith community on this important initiative with a goal of making a lasting impact for vulnerable children, families, and communities through building a strong network of vigorous volunteers and donors focused on ending hunger nationally. We will keep you updated as planning progresses, G'd willing.