Saturday, December 31, 2016

TMC NEEDS YOUR Support - Consider Donating Today!

We hope you agree with these words of our Leader and Founder, Imam W Deen Mohammed - "I think the focus always for me is the best life we can possibly have on this earth, recognizing that we didn't create it, that there is a Creator over us. In the New Year, I will be addressing taking a bigger share of personal responsibility, and that we should feel the guilt for the conditions in the life of our people. If we are not conscious and we neglect these things and it doesn't touch our hearts and minds, that is neglect. It is a sin to be unconscious."

The Mosque Cares - Ministry of Imam W Deen Mohammed plans on continuing our current programs and projects PLUS rolling out new community building partnerships and initiatives which will be announced early 2017.

BECOME A HELPER / ANSAR and set up worry-free, recurring donations. Visit our website daily and see your money at work.

We thank all of you, our supporters in the way of Allah. Our activities would not be successful without your consistent participation, support, donations and duas for our work and organization.

Thank you and may Allah bless us all with a happy and progressive New Year.


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