Thursday, December 8, 2016

Reflecting on Our Past to Establish a Future Life

Join The Mosque Cares in keeping the legacy of Imam W Deen Mohammed alive.  Meet, greet and hear from members amongst our national and international leadership and Pioneer Men and Women of our Muslim Ummah at Saviors Day 2017 "Reflecting on Our Past to Establish a Future Life."

Make Niyyah by sending in your money to purchase tickets today.
  • Online:
  • Call:  708-679-1587
  • Email:
  • Mail check payable: WDM Ministry Special Events, PO Box 153, Matteson, IL 60443
How else can you support Saviors Day?
  • Sell tickets
  • Organize transportation to the event from your local area
  • Work with your your Masjid, Islamic Center, School, Coworkers, Business, etc. to purchase a table for the Annual Hadid Awards Banquet
  • Spread the word
All proceeds from this event go directly toward continuous work to promote and maintain Imam W. Deen Mohammed's legacy and national Dawah efforts of The Mosque Cares.

Happy Saviors Day!

New Orleans, LA - February 24, 2018 As Salaam Alaikum, Dear Savior's Day attendees and supporters: Imam W. Deen Mohammed said,  &...