Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Greatest Champ of All Time

When we look at the history of the African American community, one important factor in popularizing Islam in America is Muhammad Ali. Imam W. Deen Mohammed once said, “the greatest champ of all times as far as I'm concerned, Muhammad Ali; is one of my strongest supporters.”  Muhammad Ali is our Brother in Islam. With great sadness and love, The Mosque Cares | Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed offers heartfelt condolences to family, friends and community.

“Muhammad & Khalilah Ali are our family. We grew up with their children, Muhammad II, Maryum, Rasheda and Jamillah and their grand-parents Sadrudin and Amina Ali are two of Imam Mohammed’s most trusted supporters” said The Mosque Cares President Warithudeen Mohammed II, “one of my most cherished moments with Muhammad Ali was when he showed up on our block on the South Side of Chicago when I was a little boy one summer afternoon. All of the neighborhood children were playing in the street and who pulls up, Muhammad Ali! He shared hugs and laughter with all of us. And guess who was the proudest child of all, still today I am on a high from this encounter as he visited our family home and all my friends had proof of all of the exotic stories I had been telling them about.”

One of the most beloved men of our time, if not the most beloved African American man ever. Known as one of the most recognizable people on earth. He used his celebrity status in the promotion of peace. We celebrate and admire his extraordinary courage and strong faith. Him being a true Champion in and out of the boxing ring and when facing challenges and adversity. His legacy will live on as an inspiration to all of humanity. His life helped shape the culture of our entire country.

May Allah bless our Brother, Muhammad Ali with the highest station in paradise. Ameen

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