Friday, June 24, 2016

One America Campaign AND This Year in July - Three events in one ‎Ramadan Session; ‪New World Patriotism;‬ ‪FirstSunday‬

"The government of the United States and the Constitution of this great land recognize this inherent nature or inborn gift from The Creator, G-d, as we call Him Allah in Al-Islam for Muslims.  The government document reads, "We hold these Truths to be self-evident." And it goes on to say that not government but "The Creator endowed or gave certain rights to human beings." They are called "inalienable rights"; they cannot be taken away. The government took the position that not even the power of government can take away those rights." - Imam W. Deen Mohammed

As Muslims we are working to present our own narrative to the American public. Muslim Americans understand the magnitude of the challenge facing our nation and our community.  The Mosque Cares is participating in USCMO initiatives which include: the One America Campaign to enhance understanding of Muslims and Islam; a Million Voters Registration Drive prior to the 2016 presidential election; and a National Open Mosque Day designed to help increase interactions between Muslims and people of other faiths and backgrounds. As always, The Mosque Cares will continue its strong alliances with interfaith partners, social justice groups and other minority communities, Insha Allah.

Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Service

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