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Singles/Couples-Marriage is Good for Your Health & Half Your Faith!

The Mosque Cares 25th Annual   Muslim Convention 2014-
Singles/Couples-Marriage is Good for Your Health & Half Your Faith! 

By Haneefah Salim
Fitness Pro. 

Tinley Park, Illinois-The Mosque Cares will hold its’ 25thAnnual Muslim Convention Friday, August 29th throughSunday August 31st2014.  The convention will be located at the Tinley Park, Illinois Convention Center, which is connected to the Holiday Inn. There will be a variety of workshops, vendors, social events and youth sessionsthroughout the entire weekend. Once again, I am veryexcited about facilitating the Health and Wellness portion of this year’s convention.
    This year, in addition to all the other dynamic health and wellness sessions, we have Rufus and Jenny Triplett fromAtlanta, Georgia. This couple was named Ebony Magazine’s “Couple of the Year” and they are Co-Authorsof the book “Surviving Marriage in the 21st Century”.Although they have been successfully married for nearly 25 years and raised three boys, it has not been without astruggle and they keep it real! During the convention, they will be presenting a two hour informative and interactiveLet's Get the Singles Married forum, on Saturday from 3PM to 5PM.
    This couple travels across the United States frequently,on a mission to educate and connect singles for the purpose of marriage, along with providing easy tips onmaintaining a successful marriage. They truly want for their brothers and sisters what they want for themselves. So, come prepared to participate and bring a profile of yourself and the type of mate you expect to be connected with. You will be able to leave the profile with the Triplett’sso that they may continue to assist you and others in uniting with a mate. This forum is for all ages: young adults, middle age, and the mature adults!
    Here is the lineup for the other health and wellness sessions which are designed for everyone:
    Spiritual Wellness Preparing to Make Hajj” Presenter: Hajji Khalil Ghani founder and group leader of the Al-Mu’adhdhan Hajj Group, Philadelphia, PA. since 1995. He transitioned from the Nation of Islam with Imam W.D. Mohammed in 1975 to the universal practice of Islam. Hajji Ghani has lead groups on the pilgrimage, performing the 5th pillar of Islam-Hajj 20 times (with the permission and for the pleasure of Allah, The Creator).Hajji Ghani retired from the Philadelphia Fire Department after 30 years of service. He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and is the owner of Al-Furqan Bookstore and Bazaar in Philadelphia. Hajji Ghani is married to Zakeenah and he haschildren and grandchildren.
    Oral Health Education-Preventative Diseases Related to Poor Dental Hygiene.
Presenter: Hajjah ColDDS Baseemah Najeeullah-579th Dental Clinical Flight Commander, Joint Base Anacostia-Boiling Washington, DCCol. Najeeullah joined the United States Air Force in 1998 and has 30 years of Dental experience. Col.Najeeullah holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, and is a Doctor of Dental Surgery. She is a native New YorkerfromStaten Island, New York.  Col. Najeeullah has been married for 39 years to Nadir and they have children and grandchildren. She and her husband have been Muslims and students of W.D.Mohammed for many years and have been blessed to make the Hajj together.
    Mental Health Issues In Our Youth-Know the signs andbecome proactive.” Presenter: Hajji Imam Mutee A. Mulazim,resident Imam of Masjid Al-Inshirah, Inc. Under his leadership the community purchased a 25 acre property where a newMasjid has been built from the ground up and all renovations are nearly complete.  Imam Mutee is a behavioral therapist, a licensed Psychiatric Assistant, Certified Sexual Offender Treatment Specialist (CSOTS) and ABD Doctoral candidate.  He transitioned from the Nation of Islam with Imam W.D. Mohammed in 1975 to the universal practice of Islam. Imam Mutee has been married to Tiye for over 40 years and they have children and grandchildren. They own and operate Shura, Inc.,which is a residential provider to the intellectually disabled in Maryland.  In 1994, Imam Mutee and his wife were blessed tohave made the Hajj together.
    Holistic Health Care & Nutrition-For Men & WomenPresenter: Hajjah Khadijah Islam-B.S., Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) and Nutrition Expertwith 30 years of experience.  Khadijah has enjoyed being a loving caregiverpersonally and professionally most of her life, hence the reason that her career as a critical care registered nurse comes natural for her. Out of the Nation of Islam, Khadijah has been aMuslimah and student of W.D. Mohammed for many years and she has been blessed to complete the Hajj. Khadijah is from Philadelphia, PA/ Virginia.   At this particular time in Khadijah’s life, she is single lady.
    Physical FitnessExplore and Perform Therapeutic Yoga, Personal Training Techniques, and Line Dance Workshops withHajjah Haneefah Salim-Certified Fitness Professional, B.S. Health Care Administration. Founder and Owner of FitnessLifePro, a health and wellness businessI have over 10 years of training and experience in the health and wellness field.   My life as a Muslimah and student of W.D. Mohammed began early on and I strive to continue on that path.  It is my desire to help increase the awareness of a healthy lifestyle for both adults and children. It has been an extreme blessing for me to have made the Hajj on two occasions. I am from Philadelphia, PA/Maryland and presently single.
    Note: If you are planning to make Hajj you will want to attend my Therapeutic Yoga session. You will find these exercises to bephysically and mentally beneficial for your long journey onHajj.  My physical fitness sessions will be held in the AM after Farj prayer as follows:
    Friday-Personal Training Techniques
    Saturday-Line Dance Workshop
    Sunday-Therapeutic Yoga    
    Wow! You don't want to miss this exciting and dynamicconvention weekend, which will cover all aspects of health and wellness.  Also, FYI, the free Chicago Jazz Festival will be held in Millennium Park that weekend from Thurs. 8/28-Mon.9/1/14.
    >To register and or donate to the Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed please go to , call 708. 679.1587, or email  
Contact for Health & Wellness: or

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