Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Exciting News!! Entertainment At The 24th Annual Muslim Convention

We have an exciting Entertainment line up including Preacher Moss!!

            Ask Preacher Moss what’s going on and he simply replies, “Allah (God) is God…Keep it simple.

            Preacher Moss, the founder of “Allah Made Me Funny” The Official Muslim Comedy Tour, is a long-standing veteran of the stand up game. His accomplishments cover the scope or performing with jazz greats to touring with some of the top comedians over the last 15 years. His career spans an experience of international touring, lectures, activism on the issues of race, poverty, education, and religion. Preacher Moss is more than a comedian. He is the quintessential communicator of his time.

            The premier voice on issues facing Muslim, and Americans, Preacher Moss is undeniably the “poor righteous teacher” on a mission. His experiences as a comedian, writer, lecturer, Muslim, African-American, and poor righteous teacher are the sum of all his parts. Ultimately he is the storyteller on the corner that shares the good news, and sometime the bad, but always with sincerity. He is a comedian of the times…past, present, and future.

His unique style has been described as “smooth, intelligent, and thought provoking”, as his “seriously funny” message simultaneously occupies the spaces of laughter and intellectual engagement. Making you laugh and think, Moss is master thinker, craftsman, and storyteller.  His comedy is a reminder of the lost old school art of “comedy as protest, and enlightenment.” Engagement is undeniable.

            As a writer for Damon Wayans (In Living Color, My Wife and Kids), Darrell Hammond (Saturday Night Live), and George Lopez (The George Lopez Show), Preacher Moss has successfully taken his core values as an African American, American, and Muslim deep into the heart of America’s mainstream. As well, he’s challenged them not only to be better but also be real about engaging in contemporary issues facing society.

            Profiled on the NYC Urban Comedy festival, CBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Fox New Dayside, CBS Sunday Morning, and BET, Preacher Moss has been blessed to share his story and vision with millions of fans and supporters, Muslim and non-Muslim, throughout the world.

            Voted the APCA “Best Diversity Act of 2008,” Preach continues the mission to lead the efforts for change in prevailing issues facing a post 9/11 societies. Building on the proactive dynamics of multiculturalism, and diversity of thought, Preacher Moss continues to serves this mission with his long running lecture project, “End of Racism” Comedy and Lecture Tour.

So…park yourself on the corner of laugh and think. Share a little time with the comedic stylings of your brother, The Mighty Preacher Moss.

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