Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Education Forum - 24th Annual Muslim Convention

Education Forum

The Sister Clara Muhammed Schools Education Consortium and Interim National Education Council will conduct an open forum for convention attendees interested in sharing strategies for starting and sustaining a Sister Muhammed or affiliate school.  Existing schools, communities working to reopen schools and planners of new schools are invited to participate in this forum addressing, shared concerns models of best practice and practical solutions for our education efforts.  Many communities are on the move toward establishing and reestablishing success for education, the number one priority of Imam WD Mohammed (ra).

The forum will share ideas for beginning a school from day care, weekend, to elementary, middle and high school.  Participants will address issues such as school funding, staffing, facilities acquisition, tuition, curriculum, organization, governance and maintenance.  The focus of the discussion will be based on implementing Imam WD Mohammed’s(ra) strategies and directives for education.

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